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Trish Palmer Therapies offers a variety of self-help Hypnosis Packages.

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About Us

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Trish Palmer

Trish Palmer's services and knowledge are in high demand. Her genuine caring nature to help people get their results comes from years of training and personal experience.

After breaking her back in 3 places when she was 14 she was told she would never walk again or would always be in chronic pain. During this diagnosis period she found out she was ½ deaf in each ear and was told by her school teachers she “wouldn’t amount to much”. By age 30 Trish was 140 kilos and wouldn’t leave her living area due to severe anxiety and depression.

In 2010 Trish began studying hypnosis. Through this process she has lost over 30 kilos with ease and has created her own signature hypnotic program for success.

Her expertise is in treating anxiety, depression and weight loss clients using hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Pattern), EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique), life coaching and timeline therapy.

Trish is able to get to the very core issue of her client’s problem and facilitate their self-healing process. Inspiring them to live a full and happy life.

Training and accreditation include:

  • Master life coach

  • Master practitioner in hypnotherapy

  • Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Master practitioner of Timeline Transformations

  • Master practitioner of Conversational Hypnotherapy

  • World class Hypnosis script writer

  • Level 2 reiki consultant

  • Diploma in Health (Remedial Massage)



John Pellen

John Pellen is the partner in love and life of Trish Palmer. Multi-skilled in retail, business, audio production, programming and design, John lends his creative and logical mind to create the business image and branding of Trish Palmer Therapies.

An avid board-gamer, video-gamer and technology enthusiast whose technology background stems from PC system building and performance tweaking. He is also an award-winning musician best known for playing bass guitar in local festivals and has supported many international artists.