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Trish Palmer Therapies offers a variety of self-help Hypnosis Packages.


7:00 PM19:00

Pain Elimination Experience

If you could eliminate long term chronic emotional or physical pain would you take the opportunity?

* Back/neck Pain
* Chronic Pain
* Long Term Pain
* Emotional Pain
* Old Injury Pain

You can ease it all with hypnosis!

This live online event will:
* Teach you the pain/emotional connection
* Experience a Pain Elimination Hypnotherapy session
* Learn how to keep the pain from building up again

Tickets STRICTLY limited! Book your seat with the link.

Pain Elimination Experience.png
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7:00 PM19:00

Menopause Reduce Hot Flushes Online Healing Hypnosis Session

Menopause ... do I need to say much more? HOT, cold, HOT, cold ... Hypnotherapy could help you to reduce the intensity and frequency of your hot flushes, putting you back in control.

There is NO medication involved!

Rivers of Sweat ... Volcanoes of heat ... Mood Swings ... the list goes on and on and it is daunting!

Join us for a taste of how to reduce the hot flush with an online group hypnosis session

Book with the button

Book with the button

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7:00 PM19:00

Depression Relief

Struggling with depression? Tired of fighting? Give yourself permission to take a break from it and join in on our depression relief session. All done online via zoom.

If you can't attend you will still receive a recording to download and enjoy!

All attendees will receive a recording of the session after the event. Results may vary.

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7:00 PM19:00

Past Life Healing



Sigmund Freud discovered that if you could go back in time and heal the past hurts you could bring that through to present and have a better life. This past life healing will help you release any emotion that has been holding you back.

All attendees will receive a recording of the session after the event. Results may vary.

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7:00 PM19:00

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Gut Directed Hypnosis


Soothe your gut!

With Australia’s Leading IBS Hypnosis trainer!

Imagine being able to no longer have to worry if your going to pass gas or suddenly need a toilet. Or better yet ... not having to worry about food causing sudden stomach pains. This gut directed hypnosis will help soothe your digestive tract. Proven to be 90% effective and 100% natural and safe! All attendees will receive a recording of the session after the event. Results may vary.

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