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Trish Palmer Therapies offers a variety of self-help Hypnosis Packages.


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Perhaps this is your first experience with hypnotherapy and you are curious about what it will be like, or maybe you’ve had sessions with other practitioners and wonder how this will be different.  Either way, I’d like to give you an idea of what you can expect.

 During Our Sessions  

We will take time at the beginning of your first session to review your intake form together, talk about what brought you to Trish Palmer therapies, your goals for hypnotherapy in general, and what changes you would like to see in the near future.

It is important for you to remember that at all times during the session, you will be aware that you are in my office speaking with me.  You can take a drink of water, blow your nose, or take a bathroom break if you wish.  You are in total control of the content and amount of information you share, and you may change the direction of the session or end it at any time.  While in trance, some people experience a fluttering of their eyelids, a sensation of total lightness as though floating or alternately may feel incredibly heavy yet relaxed, or possibly even tingly, and some people notice little change until the session is completed and they are emerging from the trance feeling like only a fraction of the actual time has passed; there is no “right” way to experience a trance state.  However, there is one thing that is true for everyone, only YOU can allow yourself to go to whatever depth of hypnosis you want to experience—I cannot do it for you.  You are free to make your own choices and to accept some, all, or none of the suggestions which may arise during the session.  Any changes you choose to make, or not make, are up to you and the work is yours to do as well.

Each session is a unique and interactive form of hypnotherapy where you can communicate directly with me and with your subconscious to discover the underlying issues, their origins and the means to resolve them.  Since most of our behaviours and automatic thoughts come from the subconscious, it is there that the answers are held.  Our focus will be to access that information which is below your conscious or “knowing” mind.  Some hypnotherapy sessions consist of having a script that is read to you while you lie back passively and listen.

Our sessions will be an organic method of hypnotherapy, where you may be verbally interactive and allow your subconscious to reveal the information that will be helpful in making the changes you’d like to see in your life.  Although each session can focus on a more immediate objective, we will simultaneously be working towards your highest goals.

Length of Sessions

Sessions last 1hr. It is my goal for the session that you observe some level of realization or noticeable alteration in thoughts, responses, behaviour, etc.  Some people experience subtle changes during the session or in the days that follow, while others have a more extraordinary and profound response to hypnotherapy, even with just one session.  However, I cannot make any guarantees about what changes you will see.

Concluding Our Sessions

At the end of the session I will bring you out of trance and you will remember everything that happened during the course of the session.  Most of the integration process will have taken place during the trance state for deeper assimilation.  Still, before you leave we take a few minutes to discuss your experience and answer any questions you may have.

It is not unusual for a person to be unaware of the fact that they’ve been in a trance until the end of the session when they realise how far it seems to be to come back out and orient to the present time and space.  Often, a person will experience a sense of time slowing down, for example 40 minutes in trance may feel like it passes in just a fraction of that time.

If you’ve had a particularly powerful or emotional session, it is advisable to wait for at least one good sleep cycle to let things settle, before you begin to analyse the session too much.  Some people wish to continue do additional work at home by journaling or another method of processing the information which arises during your hypnotherapy sessions.  This can deepen your integration of the session and gives you action items to maintain your momentum from our work together.  

 Payment Plan:  

All direct debit payments are done through our debiting system with acuity and are known as subscriptions.
Want to reschedule your appointment? It’s easy. Simply access your registered email and reschedule it from there. You will receive a second email showing your new appointment time (this can be done up to 24 hours before your appointment is due)

You are free to cancel at any time it takes up to 7 business working days for acuity to process cancelled payments, any payments that arise in this time will still processed and no refund made. All payments are non-refundable for any reason. No shows and less then 24 hrs notice cancellation for an appointment will be charged full amount for session. If a client breaches the commitment agreement no money will be refunded. If you would like to cancel your service, please access your registered email and follow the instructions.