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Trish Palmer Therapies offers a variety of self-help Hypnosis Packages.


Hello and Welcome

Trish is offering readings via zoom, email and in person. Her work is very accurate as an intuitive mentalist. She doesn’t need to see anyone in the flesh to be able to read their energy (it can be done online or email). When Trish connects to your energy through the tarot, she will feel your emotions and be given visual images of what is happening around you now and coming up in your future. She will receive messages to help you with guidance towards career, business. finance, relationships and more.

Simply book the session you wish to receive with the button below. You will be asked a series of questions. You are not giving away any secrets by telling Trish the answers to these questions. They will assist in the guidance and future visions.

Each reading starts with an attunement “the bringing of harmony”. This will assist you to bring the energies and messages through. From there you will be asked to tune those energies to choose one of two tarot decks. Once the deck has been chosen a reading will occur. You are free to journal all the messages and information for future reference. After the reading an “I AM” healing session will take all the energies and heal them into your past, present and future. Creating an ongoing and lasting effect of change and harmony in your soul.

To book your session online, in person or via email simply tap the book now button and choose the session that resonate with you.

I’ll see you in the future xoxox